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hey! Please read this, we would love if you did :')

This is Adisa and Hanna, we are two girls from Sweden that loves Justin a lot. Me and Hanna doesn't live in the same city but we're still great friends on twitter. We will always protect Justin and always be there for him.

we are not beliebers that gets everything we want, so when Justin comes to Sweden, we will sit at home and cry of how happy we are that he's in the same country as us, and that we breath the same air as him but we certainly won't be able to see him, which breaks our hearts.

Now Hanna found out that her friend in Sweden got to see Justin in Norway. We both began to cry, we burst into tears of happiness and sadness, we were happy for the girl's sake, but sad because we know that it can't happen to us.

We don't only love Justin for his look, we love Justin for his voice and how he inspired us, and how he never gave up on his dreams! How he makes us smile during our most difficult days, just to see a smile on this boy makes our life better, we love him a lot he is our Hero, thanks for learning us to never give up, this is why we do this!

Now I won't keep babbling about how much we love him now.. We have been beliebers from the beginning, unfortunately we were not here to see Justin's first tweet, but we will definitely be here until his last tweet. Our dream is to meet Justin, he is now in Norway which is about 10 hours away from us, it hurts so damn much to know that we can't see him, so our dream is that he will find out about us, please help us,

We will never give up. There's people out there who says that we can't do this and that Justin is never going to see this, but we WILL prove them wrong, one day, someday Justin will see this and smile just like we are smiling now. Beliebers Help Beliebers, so Please I beg you to RT this so Jusitn can see it.

Much Love from Hanna and Adisa.

Tack för att du tog din tid & läste, klicka gärna på "twitlongern" där uppe & retweeta om du har twitter.
Vi skulle varit evigt tacksamma!


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